An intelligent home anticipates your needs and enhances daily living. Enjoy incredible luxury, ease and convenience in your villas, apartments and land-based homes with Flare’s residential consultation service. Because our expertise goes far beyond marine electronics we can create a seamless experience for you between sea and land – so the luxury of your onboard life continues on terra firma.

Live beautifully with leading-edge audio visual systems, multi-room entertainment and programmable lighting that uses colour-change technology to create the perfect ambience.

Live comfortably with automated heating, water, climate control and ventilation systems that work in concert to effortlessly maintain your environment’s equilibrium.

Live seamlessly by integrating your yacht and land-based residences’ IT and communications systems.

Live securely with CCTV and door access controls, to ensure safety in your home.

Talk to Flare about creating a smart home that continues your on-board technology at your residence to enhance daily life and improve security