Our New Marketing Brochure

After the successful launch of our new website yesterday we are also very happy to announce that we have received delivery of our new brochure.

The brochure was designed in conjunction with the website by Greenwich Design and will be first available for those who are attending the Monaco Yacht Show. Afterwards it will be available at all Flare offices and events. You can also get a downloadable PDF of the brochure if you are not visiting us any time soon.

It is great to add this to our repertoire and will become another piece of the package that is designed to make the process of utilising our services the best and smoothest possible option.

The brochure covers a wide selection of information and can be adapted via its Maltese cross multi folding make up to promote and distinguish between our target markets/audience it will be utilsed for. Much like the website the brochure is the opening salvo into a new relationship between a client and ourselves.

It showcases our commitment to keeping ourselves informed about the latest and best advancements in technology. It is explains how we as a company do not sign into exclusive contracts. Because we believe that to get the best service, which still benefits from our great geographical locations for fastest response times, for you and all of our other clients we need to be free to advise you on technology and equipment that comes from any supplier.

Unfolding the brochure is similar in going through the steps we take to provide you with the best service.

Once again we would like to thank the Greenwich Design team for their hard work in creating the brochure. And we can’t wait to see the reactions of people when we hand them a copy.

You can download a PDF version of the brochure here.